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Special Update:
GRHS Athletic Hall of Fame link:

The "Career" page of this web site contains a wealth of useful information.  Please help support fellow Glen Rockers listed here by utilizing their talents and services.  Feel free to contact them for valuable advice they can provide you.  Click on the green to e-mail them, and click on the red to see their corporate web site.

The "College" page of this web site lists the Colleges alphabetically that Glen Rock High School Alumni have attended along with the students' e-mail links.  Feel free to ask them how they enjoyed their college experience.

The "Reunion" page of this web site should be an enormous help in organizing our reunions.  Please e-mail us to post information here at

On the individual year pages, you will find an alphabetical listing of classmates along with their e-mail addresses.  If their name is highlighted in green, then you can click to e-mail them.  If it is highlighted in blue, that means we have been unable to locate them.  Please let us know if you can help us locate them, or have them contact us at

There is a wonderful group of people that compose each class, and as the years pass it becomes increasingly difficult for people to stay in touch with each other. 
NOTE: Each class is not limited to those who happened to graduate with us.  It includes all those who would have been in our graduating year.

Please let us know your e-mail address(es) and web site(s) at

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Blue=Please help us find them.

Green=e-mail address (Click on these names to e-mail them.)

Italic=In memory of classmates reported as deceased.
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Santina Aruta
David Atlas
Henri Azizo
Martyn Babitz 
(career link)  (career link 2)
Lorraine (Baldasaro) Dalstrom
Danela Barbagallo
Penny Barthel
Margaret (Berger) Ramos
Michael Berney
Daniel Bianco
David Bianco
Susan (Blackwood) Chmielewski
Jeffrey Bloom
Kathryn (Bodner) Rogness
Jeanne Boxley
Barbara Brandenberg-Pink
Daniel Brindley
Joanne Brubaker
Patrick Buehler
Warren Buehler
Mark Callahan
Joanne Cardes
Virginia (Carter) Eliades  (career link)
Chris Clark 
(career link)
Dana (Claypoole) Bacon
Deborah (Cockerill) Schweikart
Linda Conklin
William Conne
Elizabeth Connolly
Richard Cook
in memory of Glenn Czock
Scott Dalstrom  (career link)
Scott Dalstrom (business)
Ronald Davis
Diane (Deleon) DePaul
Elizabeth Dince
Stephen Donner
Nancy (Doot) Miller
Steven Duncan
Nancy Duthe
Gerard Emery
Megan (Evans) King
Joanne Feeney
Elizabeth Fieldhouse
Carolyn Fields
Luis Figueroa
Antonio Figueroa
Laura Finfer
Cynthia Freed
Robert Frei
Conne (Freudenrich) Franchini
in memory of Wilbur Funk
Bruce Gillooly
Geraldine (Gioiosa) Catanzaro
Kerry Glennon
Melanie (Gollan) Vanni  (career link)
Lawrence Goodman
George Green
Diane Greenberg
Michele Grusser
Christopher Haley
Philippe Hall
Anthony Hardwick
Kurt Hilde
David Hirsch
Lance Holvoet
Christine (Horeisch) Breitwieser
Wayne Hotchkiss
James Hull
Richard Iacobelli (career link)
Jodi (Iacovino) Grosso
Peter Iozia
Julianne (James) Smith  (career link)
Julianne (James) Smith (business)
Michael Jennings
Mark Johnsen
Lori-Ann Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Cynthia (Jung) Wagner
Sonja Kerlen
Timothy King
Laura Kishpaugh
Joanna (Kolb) Chandler
Bennett Kotz
Andrea Kramer  (career link)
Susan Kramer
Julie (Krinsky) Tucker
Steven Landis
Stephen Lang
Monica Lavin
Claire Lemieux
Patricia (Lennon) O'Donnell
Brian Levay
Jonathan Levenstein
Ilene (Lieberman) Nolte
Gina (Littlehales) Dekens
Betsy (Lubitz) Bloom
Anna Lucci
Jay Lutz
Lisa Mainardi  (career link)
Anthony Maurillo
Stephen McAloon
Patricia (McAndrews) Meaney
James McBride
Wendy (Mendelsohn) Padykula
Lisa Moren
Glenn Morgan
Stephen Mosberg
Thabani Muller
Michael Najarian
Elizabeth (Neuberger) Rothberg
Ellen Nothofer
Erik Oberg
Lynda Oberg
Billy O'Connor
in memory of Kathleen O'Connor
Mary O'Neill
Sarah Packwood
Daksha Patel
Henry Pfeiffer  (career link)
Henry Pfeiffer (business)
in memory of Mark Prior
Susan Puchala
Mitchell Reif
Michael Reilly
Laura Reim
Eric Reinholt  (career link)
Carol Rew
Lori Rhodes  (career link)
David Rich
Erik Ringstad
Arthur Robb
Gregg Rock
Thomas Ruggiero
Carmel Ryan
Nancy (Ryan) Capalbo
Philip Salvador
Joel Sampaio
in memory of Frank Santino
Jeffrey Saunders  (career link)
Catherine (Schlesinger) Pacos
Gary Schoem
Noreen Seccia
Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden
Maura Shea  (career link)
Suzanne Sheehy
William Sheridan
Michael Silver
Craig Singer  (career link)
Robert Skinner
Laurel Sonnenschein
Colin Stephenson 
(career link)
Colin Stephenson (business)
Richard Straubel
Jennifer Struck
Cheryl (Taylor) Kaiser  (career link)
Alexander Toschi
Alejandro Tost
Kathryn Trued
Michael Tuttle
Gregg Ubelhart
Robert Ungar
Christian Vandenassem
Duane Vanderwerf
William Vidulich
Michelle (Vigdor) Davidove
Frances Volino
Anne Walker
Claire Waltking
David Wasserman  (career link)
Debra (Weisberg) Walker
Jennifer Whitlock
Takeshi Yamazaki
Laurie Yanis
Wayne Zeiler
Barbara Zelop
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Privacy Statement:  Please do not use this web site for anything but your own personal use.  Please do not "spam" (group unsolicited e-mail) the e-mail addresses listed herein.  This web site is designed and intended exclusively for the use of the Glen Rock, NJ High School Classes  and their families.
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